Software Development

An Idea, We Craft!

Web & Desktop

We are EXPERTS developing and crafting any kind of web solution (from web sites, to web apps, e-commerce and APIs), with the skills needed to cover every area of development involved (front-end and back-end wise).

We apply as much standards, design patterns and best practices as possible in our development, using up-to-date technology as much as possible.

Web Technology


We are highly knowledgeable in SQL and databases as a whole (such as Big Data, and NoSql engines), having the experience of working with enterprise level databases (for companies like Walmart and DHL) in data management, data migration, integration services and development.


We build enterprise (complex) mobile applications natively using Java on Android (with Android Studio) and using Swift on iOS (using Xcode).

We can also develop cross-platform apps with nodeJS using Apache Cordova.

App Technology

Video Games

We were formerly an independent video game company called Amsgames, we have strong expertise designing and developing video games using Unity 3D and Unity 2D.

We are capable of coding game mechanics, physics, basic 3D modeling, animatiion, rigging (using blender), creating vector graphics (2D assets) and more.

unity 3d

Development Methodology

With team members with over 11 years of experience developing software of all kind, we know and understand that having great tools and an organized methodology are key to achieve anything. We use Agile, primerly, as our development methodlogy, using technologies like Jira and Slack for communication and Github and Bitbucket to store our public and private repositories.

Interested in our capabilities?

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