About Us

We are a small passionate software development studio located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Want to know more about us and how we came to be the studio we are today?

Formerly a video games studio

We were formerly a video games studio called Amsgames, based on California, USA and with operations in Costa Rica;  Amsgames was created by Alejandro Mostajo, a senior software engineer, after 8 years working for companies like Walmart Centroamerica and DHL, with the intentions of prototyping and releasing a video game idea in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Amsgames was legally formed in the USA in 2014 (in conjunction with Erick Varen), one year after having successfully developed a working prototype, later to be named Golden Black. Amsgames failed to reach the kickstarter goal and failed to recover any monetary investment back from the, later released, video game Stars Wagon which forced the company to close its operations in 2015.

Collaborative group

In 2016, Alejandro and Edder Rojas, a friend and senior software developer, formed an informal collaborative group (called 10 Quality) with the intention of creating open-source projects and to gain some notoriety to later formalize it into a company.

The “10 Quality” brand was created and the current domain (10quality.com) was adquired. During this period of time, the group of collaborators released many open-source projects (as components, libraries and frameworks) and released free WordPress plugins; which helped reach a couple of clients who were interested in development services.

Throughout this time, some collaborators left the group and others came; still the group stayed informal, developing primarily open-source solutions. Alejandro also decided to make Amsgames a sub-brand of 10 Quality, to showcase and handle any video game development that may appear.

Now a company

The group started to see some success in the WordPress plugins, and saw the opportunity to formally and legally create the studio to commercialize paid plugins and officially launch the development services. This is how 10 Quality Studio S.R.L. was formally created in 2018.

Legal info

10 Quality Studio
10 Quality Studio S.R.L.