Open Source

We don’t walk alone, nor do you!

Why would you care?

You use open-source technology on daily bases and may are not even aware of it.

Most of the software you use today has been built using open-source technology; one example would be that Google and YouTube (to name a few) are mounted on linux based servers; another example would be the apps on your phone which most likely use open-source libraries to utilize certain functionality.

Why do we care?

We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without open-source. From programming languages, IDEs, development frameworks, database engines, graphic components, functionality libraries and more. Saying that a developer don’t use open-source technology would be a false statement.

We appreciate the easiness of developing by using open-source and, in return, we also contribute the community with frameworks, packages and plugins of our own crafting for everyone to use.


The myth says “to avoid open-source solutions for the lack of support“; while in some cases this might be true (some solutions are poorly coded or has no support) the majority of open-source projects have a much strong support and larger development community to back it up than most of all closed software.

Our contribution

Check out our open-source WordPress framework, or our public repositories at Github or our free plugins at to appreciate our love and care with the development community.

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