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PRO features for Social Feeder plugin.

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Social Feeder integrates your social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram networks) in one feed, and displays them using a WordPress widget or a shortcode.

This PRO extension will add new features and themes to the regular plugin, which can be downloaded for free at

Which PRO features are you missing!

Additional themes

The PRO version will add new themes to Social Feeder, allowing you to have more options to choose from.



Highlight links, mentions and #hashtags

A new option setting will allow you to enable “Highlight”, which will make the PRO version read the feed’s content and will add engagement links to any URL, user mention or hashtag found.

Social Feeder PRO highlight setting
Social Feeder PRO highlight

Other features

Theme per instance

Widgets and Shortcodes can have their own theme configuration.


Usage and development documentation.


Updates with bug fixes or new features are FREE-OF-CHARGE as long as you possess an active license.



Version 4 or greater.


Version 5.4 or greater.

Social Feeder

Regular version (latest release)

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 2 years.
Limit Limited in the number of activations. Up to 2 activations allowed.
Development Developers support. Development environments (running on localhost) do not increase limit capacity, allowing this license to be used on production and development.


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