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Importing Products and Variations

Product data imported via an importing tool (such as Product CSV Import Suite or similar) needs to be indexed afterward, use the “Rebuild index” tool to do so.

Product type is not optimized

Ideally, you will want to import your variable products with its type set to variable_optimized (an optimized product), but this may be restricted depending on the importing tools used.

For example, Product CSV Import Suite locks the product types to only allow those that come by default with WooCommerce; when you import a product using a different type, this importer will set its type to “Simple Product“.

Product type dropdown at “Edit Product” page.

To solve this issue, you will have to manually open the “Edit Product” page of every imported product, change its type on the product type dropdown and click the “Update” button. This will change the product type and make visible all the variations imported.

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