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WooCommerce Subscriptions

IMPORTANT: Compatibility included since version 1.2.0.

WooCommerce Variations Optimizer compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions is in BETA state; this means that we have tested and validated major functionality but there still may be work to do for some specific case scenarios.

Enable BETA compatibility

WooCommerce subscriptions will be detected and a new setting will be added to allow the compatibility to be enabled.

Beta compatibility.

Once again, compatibility is on a BETA state, we have not tested specific case scenarios, use this feature at your own risk.

Variable Subscription (Optimized)

Similar to regular variations, this plugin will add a new product type to WooCommerce, named “Variable subscription (optimized)“, and will apply optimizations when the threshold of 30 variations is reached (this is the default value set by WooCommerce).

The optimized version of this product type applies several optimization traits to make product loading times improved:

  • Indexed variations.
  • Pricing cache.
  • Subscription data cache.
  • Reduced immense database calls on variation data to 1 or 2 (depending on the features selected).

Improved WooCommerce functionality:

  • Variable subscription product page.
  • Price information on loops and admin.
  • Add to cart speed times.

Selecting product type

Variable subscription (optimized)” product type can be selected from the drop-down when creating a new product.

Existing subscriptions

If you want to optimize existing variable subscriptions, use the “Optimize products” tool provided by this plugin.

Enable subscription hooks

Some 3rd party plugins may need all WooCommerce Subscriptions to be enabled and apply to function, by default, WooCommerce Variations Optimizer disables them to increase speed and load times. WooCommerce Subscriptions will make several database calls per each variation to enable the functionality of the hooks disabled; you can opt to enable the “Apply subscription hooks per variation” option if needed, although vanilla version of the plugin will not break if disabled.

Enabling this option will apply the following filter hooks to the subscription data obtained per each variation:

  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_price
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_regular_price
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_sale_price
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_period
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_period_interval
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_length
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_trial_length
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_trial_period
  • woocommerce_subscriptions_product_sign_up_fee
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