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License Key Product

WooCommerce License Keys will add a new product type to your WooCommerce setup allowing you to create and update licensed products.

Select “License Key” from the available product types to create a licensed product.

Product type
License Key product type

You can sell physical or virtual licensed products by checking the “Virtual” checkbox next to the type drop-down.

Product Properties

A “License Key” side tab will appear when the “License Key” product type is selected; clicking the side tab will allow you to view the available product options you can modify.

Product properties
License Key product properties

The SKU (stock-keeping-unit) is commonly known and used as the product identifier when handling stock. It is widely used on online and retail stores as the code or ID to identify a product. The API will use this property to identify a product and will be required regardless if it has no stock to manage.

Desktop software
Check this check box if your product will be used on a desktop environment. When this option is checked, the API will not require your product to send the domain information during endpoint calls.

Check this option if your license keys will expire.

Expire interval
Indicates the interval of time used to set the expiry date. This option becomes available only when the “Expires” option is checked.

Expire value
Indicates the interval value used to set the expiry date. This option becomes available only when the “Expires” option is checked.

WooCommerce License Keys extended (premium) plugin will add more properties and features to the License Key product. Click here to view more information about the extended features.


License key products will have a key icon next to the SKU at WooCommerce’s products page.

Product icon
Product icon
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