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Extended Features

These features are only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

The extended plugin will add the following extra properties for when creating and editing a “License Key” product.

Feature Properties

Extended properties
License Key extended properties

Customer notifications
It allows you to set up automatic notifications to send in order to notify your customers when their license key codes are close to expiring. The notifications are sent using WP Cron (make sure to have it configured on your WordPress setup).

Notification sample
Notification sample

You can set up multiple notifications to be sent and in different periods of time to warn your customers with anticipation.

License Key expiration notification email sent to customers.

It allows you to limit and restrict the usage of your license keys. Select within the dropdown the type of limitation wanted.

Limit value
Defines the limit restriction. For example, if the limit is set to “Limit the number of activations” then this property will allow you to define the specified amount.

Limit Development
It allows you to not apply the limit restriction on products that are on an unknown domain (localhost), usually a self-computer or a development environment.

Do not check this option if your product is Desktop.

Allow offline
It allows you to define if a license key can be considered valid even if the product is not connected to the internet (or was not able to connect to the API).

The value of this property is appended to the API responses, if you are not using one of our API clients, then you must be aware that you are responsible for handling and coding the offline behavior within your product.

Offline interval and value
It allows you to define the interval and value allowed for a product to remain offline before its license key becomes invalid. License keycodes will remain valid.

Do not auto-generate codes
It allows you to disable automatic license key code generation and enable stock management through custom codes. See this article.

Downloadable data
It allows you to append downloadable data to the API responses. See this article.

Renewals and Extensions

The extended plugin will automatically add manual subscriptions to your License Key products that have an expiry.

Within Customer’s My Account page

At the “License Keys” option of WooCommerce’s “My Account” page. An “Extend” button will appear on license keys that have 1 month or less from expiring. A “Rewew” button will appear on license keys that have expired.

Additional button actions
Additional button actions

These same buttons will appear when viewing an individual license key.

Additional button actions
Additional button actions when viewing a license key

Within your products

You can include these links in your products as well. Click here to review how to do this.

At the cart

Once a customer uses the “Extend” or “Renew” button actions. The product and the customer license will be added to the cart.

Cart displaying a License Key re-purchase. Renewal.

The product added to the cart will contain the pricing information set on the product at the moment of the renewal or extension, meaning that if the price suffered a price increase, the customer will have to re-purchase the license with the updated price.

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