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Manage License Keys

This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

How to access the management page?

Select the option label “License Keys”, under “WooCommerce”, to access the main management page, which contains the list of License Keys found in the system.

Option located at WordPress admin dashboard.

Page features

License Keys management page.

This page will allow you to view, filter and take action over all the license keys stored in your WordPress database.


Moving the mouse over the “Actions” button, located at the top of the page, will display a dropdown menu with the list of actions available.

  • Import: Action used to import custom license key codes from a CSV file. Read more here.
  • Add: Action used to manually add a single custom license key code. Read more here.
  • Bake / Sync: Action used to sync purchased license keys. Read more here.


Grouping filters

Grouping filters.

Located below the page title, the grouping filters are a set of links that will filter and group the license keys shown.

  • All: Displays all license keys.
  • Active: Displays all active license keys.
  • Unassigned: Displays all license keys that have not been assigned to an order (have not been purchased). This only applies to manually added or imported license key codes.
  • Expired: Displays all expired license keys.

Form filters

Form filters.

Located above the table list, the form filters are inputs that can be used to filter the license keys shown.

  • Show N results: Limits the number of records to display per page.
  • Sort by X: Sets the order in which records should display.
  • All types: Sets the type of license key to display.
    • Generated: License keys generated automatically by the system.
    • CSV Import: License keys imported or edited via a CSV file.
    • Manual: License keys added or edited manually.
  • Search: Input that searches for license key codes or activation ids.
Search using an activation ID

To search a license key using an activation ID, use the pattern activation:{id} in the Search input.

For example, if the activation ID is 1234568564 the search input should be activation:1234568564 (no space in between the colon).


The pagination links will display at the bottom of the page, allowing you to navigate through all the records queried.

Results List

Queried results are displayed in a table with the following columns:

  • Code: Displays the license key code with a clickable link. When clicked, if the code is associated to an order, it will redirect you to the single management page; if it is not associated to an order, it will prompt and fill an edit form.
  • Type: License key type.
  • Order: Associated order ID with a clickable link to redirect to the order’s edit page.
  • Customer: Customer name and email.
  • Product: Associated product’s name with a clickable link to redirect to the product’s edit page.
  • Active: License key status.
  • Activations: Number of activations and limitations.
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