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Bake and Sync

This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

The process of baking will sync all purchased license keys, found in WooCommerce related tables, into a unique and indexed table provided by the plugin.

The process is automatically done the first time the management page is accessed.

Having the data baked and synced into a unique table allows the system to query license keys faster and allow complex filtering; also allows the inclusion of additional license key types (manually added and imported).

Should I manually run and select the “Bake / Sync” action?

This action only needs to run once, and it is done automatically the first time the management page is accessed. Ideally, you won’t need to run this action twice, since the plugin will keep the baked data synced.

Although, there could be times when you might consider running this action manually. For instance, when your license key for the extended features has expired and you have made sells; or when you see that for some reason some license keys are missing on the management page. Simply click the “Bake / Sync” action to run this process again.

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