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Renew And Extend Links

Feature available only the Extended (paid) plugin.

WooCommerece license keys allows your products to create a renewal (renew) and a extension (extend) link to allow your customers to manage the lifetime of their license key from your product. Allowing your products to receive periodical payments by implementing a manual subscription.

These only apply to license keys with expiry.

Purpose of each link?

The extension link allows a not-expired license key to be extended another period. As an example, a license key configured with a yearly expiration that expires in June 2018 will be extended one more year and would expire in June 2019 instead.

The renewal link allows an expired license key to be reactivated and extended another period. As an example, an expired license key configured with a yearly expiration would be reactivated by extending its expiry date for one more year (based on the repurchase date).

Functionality of each link?

Each link will add the related product, referenced with the customer’s license key, to his cart at your store.

Cart displaying a License Key re-purchase. Renewal.

Allow for a manual repurchase of the license key.

How to create these links?

Use the example below to create a link and read the description ahead to understand what needs to be sent:


Link composition

Cart url
The link must be pointing to your store’s cart url. This may vary depending on the permalink configuration of your WordPress setup, but usually it is: http://www.your-domain.com/cart

The customer’s license key code.

The ctoken provided by the api in the activation or validation responses.

Action, “renew” or “extend“.

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