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Query The Log

Once Analytics is activated, WooCommerce License Keys will allow you to review, analyze and filter your API activity entries. “Query the log” is a report found under “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “License Keys”.

Query the log option
Query the log option

Filter Bar

Filter bar
Filter bar

The filter bar allows you to filter the content and data that is going to be displayed in the graphs. The bar includes 5 filters:

Allows you to select all or an individual endpoint interaction.

Allows you to select any or a specific result status (success or failure responses).

From and To
Allows you to specify the date range used to obtain the data.

Allows you to search for customer license key codes or activation IDs.

The bar will refresh the page when one of its options changes.


Log entries
Log entries

Results will display below the filter bar. WordPress will be redirected to the orders admin page when a license key code is clicked. Pagination links will appear at the bottom when multiple data is available (25 records are displayed per page).

If an activation has 404 as an ID it means that it has been activated on a development environment.

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