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Enable And Access Analytics

Enabling Analytics

At the settings page of WooCommerce License Keys, look for the section titled “Analytics“, check the checkbox titled “Enable Analytics“, scroll down and click the “Save Changes” button.

Enable Analytics

Take notice that enabling Analytics will slightly increase the response times of the API.

Performance And Maintenance

Aside from just enabling, the plugin allows you to configure a couple more of options to improve the performance and maintenance of the API.

Analytics additional options

Clear log

This option allows WordPress to clean old tracked data from the database. improving performance when accessing and calculating related data. The cleanup is performed daily by WP Cron (make sure it is correctly configured). Although the plugin gives the options to “Never” clean the log, we highly recommend setting a frequency.

Track error details

This option allows WordPress to store the error thrown by the API when a response is returned as failed. The error can be caused by the license key validation process or by any fatal exception. The error information will be displayed when querying the log only if this option is checked.

Accessing Analytics

Once Analytics is activated, it can be accessed from the Dashboard Widget or from WooCommerce’s “Reports” option at WordPress admin dashboard.

WooCommerce Reports
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