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API Graphs

Once Analytics is activated, WooCommerce License Keys will allow you to review, analyze and filter your API activity and performance with dynamic report graphs.

Filter Bar

Filter bar
Filter bar

The filter bar allows you to filter the content and data that is going to be displayed in the graphs. The bar includes 5 filters:

Allows you to select all or an individual endpoint interaction.

Allows you to select any or a specific result status (success or failure responses).

Allows you group results on a daily or monthly basis.

From and To
Allows you to specify the date range used to obtain the data.


The graphs are displayed in a white box below the filter bar. Each graph is displayed and selectable as a tab.

Graphs tabs

Activity Graph

The Activity Graph displays the number of requests and responses handled by the API. The graph will display in blue the total amount of requests handled by the API and will display in red the amount of these that failed.

Activity Graph

More information of the grouped data can be seen when hovering the mouse over the bars displayed in the graph.

Performance Graph

The Performance Graph displays the API average response time per result grouping. The time is measured in milliseconds.

Performance Graph

The time starts being measured the moment the first script inside WooCommerce License Keys plugin is called by WordPress and it ends the just before the response is going to be printed out.

Success Ratio Graph

The Success Ratio Graph displays the ratio of successful responses against failed ones. The results and grouping filters are disabled for this graph.

Success ratio Graph
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