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Basic Usage

Locate the “Gallery” metabox when editing a post to start managing its media.

Post Gallery metabox

Adding images

Post Gallery works with WordPress media manager. To import media into the gallery, click the “Add Media” button located at the top left corner. 

When clicked, WordPress Media Manager will appear, allowing you to either upload or select images from the library.

Adding videos

Using the Media Manager, you can either select videos from your library or import them from YouTube or Vimeo.

Post Gallery adds an “import video” option to the media manager, allowing you to import videos into your library.

Post Gallery import video feature

To import, click the “Import Video” option located in the manager and paste the url of the related video.

Sorting media

To sort the media’s display order simply drag and drop them in the desired position.

Post Gallery sorting by drag-n-drop

Removing media

Click the white trash icon (with red background) to remove a media from the gallery.

Post Gallery remove media

Display gallery

You need to copy and paste the shortcode “” inside the post’s content to display the gallery.

Post Gallery shortcode actions

The gallery comes with quick action buttons (located at the bottom right corner) that will allow to copy the shortcode with the click of a button or to insert them into the content (current cursor’s location).

Make sure to save the post to make changes effective.

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