We have just released WooCommerce License Keys version 1.7.1 (the extension plugin for License Keys for WooCommerce), this version contains compatibility with Supscriptio version 3.0.

Subscription Illustration
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Subscriptio Version 3

On December 2019 RightPress, the developers behind Subscriptio, release their plugin version 3.0, which according to its upgrade guide it is a completely new version:

Version 3.0 is not an incremental improvement over previous versions, rather it’s a completely new version – designed and engineered from the ground up.

RigthPress – Upgrade Guide

We became aware of this over a month ago when one of our customers mentioned incompatibility issues with our plugin and this version.

Subscriptio version 3.0 has been reworked from the ground up, meaning it is now a completely new plugin. This forced us the work on the compatibility from scratch, keeping functionality and in consideration the previous versions of Subscriptio as well.

All new installations can use version 3.0 without any further delays. Version 3.0 documentation is lacking but this will improve over the coming weeks. Existing installations will only be able to be migrated starting from version 3.1 – we do this to give the plugin more time to mature and fix any potential bugs before making it available to clients with active existing subscriptions.

RightPress – Upgrade Guide

RightPress has mentioned that migration from older versions to 3.0 will not be possible until they release version 3.1; therefore we urgently advise not to upgrade Subscriptio to version 3.0 if you are using an older version, doing so will only raise warnings and will break your site’s functionality.

Once they release version 3.1, we will test it and give the green flag for version upgrade. We will communicate this throughout this medium.

WooCommerce 4.3

Version 1.7.1 has also been tested with WooCommerce 4.3.

Framework files and other dependencies have also been updated. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this release, please contact us or leave your comments below.