We have just released a major update for our stellar plugin, WooCommerce License Keys, the extended features of License Keys for WooCommerce plugin.

Version 1.6.0 comes packed with many important new features and code changes that will keep the plugin competitive years to come.

Custom License Key Codes

The highly requested feature of being able to use custom license key codes has been added to the plugin.

License key actions at the management page.

Custom license key codes can now be imported through CSV files or added manually through a form.

Stock management

Products who have custom codes enabled will manage their stock based on the number of unassigned custom license keys available.

Code Refactoring

We have included our Query Builder package in the plugin, we have refactored every Database call and made it so it uses the builder instead.

This will allow for better maintenance and extended customization, now every single database query can be filtered and has been normalized thanks to the package.

Management Module

New management page.

The main management page has a new set of filters that will allow for better querying and UX.


The plugin’s documentation has already been updated with all new features and changes.

If you have any questions or issues with this new update, please contact us, send us a support request or leave your comment below.