Social Feeder is a free WordPress plugin we released back in 2016.

Fast, optimized and powerful Social Media feed (Widget or Shortcode); designed with full-customization in mind.

Social Feeder connects with multiple social network APIs to extract your feed and display it in your WordPress setup.

We have not touched or updated for more than 2 years until now. On its peak, it had more than 200+ activations but with more attention into other important projects and not much feedback from our users, we let them sit there for a long time.

We decided to give this plugin a little love, update some deprecated libraries and add some cool new features; plus the addition of a premium PRO extension plugin which adds new capabilities.

What changed?

Support for Facebook API v3.3

Functionality wise, it is the same plugin, the only major change in regards to the functionality from version 0.7.4 was the removal of old Facebook SDK libraries and the upgrade to the latest library which supports FB API v3.3.

Theme system

Social Feeder Themes
Available themes in version.

New built-in theme system that will allow its users to change the look-and-feel of the feed in an instance.


Ability to display the feed not only with Widgets, but with Shortcodes as well.

Other changes

The whole project was refactored to run under WPMVC, cache implementation changed, embed YouTube videos incoming from Facebook, fixes Twitter media capture, documentation added, tons of customization hooks and other minor changes.

Migrating from v0.7.4?

Possible issues:

  • Feed looks different: We have changed the default look-and-feel of the feed. To go back to the previous design, simple select the “Legacy” them within the settings.
  • Feed data conflicts: Since the cache system changed, some setups may experience issues with the feed’s data. To fix this, simply click the “Save” button located at the settings, this will empty the cache and force the plugin to fetch new data.

What includes the PRO version?

Social Feeder PRO version 1.0.0 includes:

More themes

Social Feeder PRO tthemes
PRO themes available in version 1.0.0

Additional themes that will make the feed look like a specific social network.

Theme per instance

Ability to select a different theme per Widget or Shortcode.

Highlight engagement

Social Feeder PRO highlight

A new option setting will allow to the enable “Highlight” option, which will make the PRO version read the feed’s content and will add engagement links to any URL, user mention or hashtag found.

Other features

PRO feed also includes users profile information (profile avatar, url, name and screen name).

Any comments or suggestion, leave them right below!