We have just released version 1.4.0 of WooCommerce License Keys extended (premium) plugin.

This release includes the awaited compatibility with 3rd party subscriptions plugins; more specifically, integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscriptio. Both are within the most popular WooCommerce subscription-based plugins available.

WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscriptio.

What do this subscription solutions offer?

Without them, WooCommerce License Keys offers a built-in semi-automatic subscription system that you can opt to use for manual recurring payments; and while it is a great system, it lacks certain features you might want to have in your subscriptions, like trial periods and automatic recurrent payments.

Both, WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscriptio, offers subscriptions with trial periods, recurrent payments through a variety of payment gateways and visual pages for admins and customers to visualize the subscription information.

Which subscription plugin is better?

Both plugins will achieve the main functionality wanted, which is automatic recurring payments.

Still, there are differences, these are some we have noticed:

  • Subscriptio is way cheaper.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions expiration date extends until payment period ends when the subscription is canceled, while Subscriptio invalidates the subscription entirely when canceled.
  • You may find more payment gateways supporting WooCommerce Subscriptions because it is more known due to the fact that it is advertised on WooCommerce website.

Again, both will do the job, will be your decision to pick which one suits best to your needs.

How to integrate them with WooCommerce License Keys?

Both are fully integrated out-of-the-box. We have added new documentation articles that explain this further.

Change Log

Version 1.4.0 change log.

  • subscription_id and subscription_ref now part of extended license key model.
  • Compatibility added with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscriptio.
  • New hooks added to regular and extended plugins.

If you have an question, please feel free to comment below or send us a support message.