We have released Post Gallery PRO version 1.4.0; this new version comes with bug fixes and new features.

Independent Galleries

Admins will be able to enable the “Galleries” option in the Dashboard’s menu. The will allow editors to manage independent gallery collections (these are stored as a custom post type in the database).

Galleries custom post type

Admins will also have the option to set this new post type to be available for public view or only in the dashboard.

Text weight in overlays

Editors can now set the text weight (font weight) of the text overlay.

Art by Pixabay

Fix: Overlays on default layout

Default layout (the one that comes with the regular plugin) now supports overlays.

Fix: Missing configuration alert

PRO layout will now show an alert when the system detects missing format options. This was causing a bug and an infinite load loop when trying to render the gallery.

post gallery pro missing configuration

Change Log

  • Feature: optional “Galleries” post type.
  • Feature: font weight setting in overlays.
  • Fix: Overlay now displays on default layout.
  • Fix: Missing format options alert.
  • Bug fixes.