We have rolled out version 1.1.5 of WordPress License Keys extension plugin. This version has no new features, it adds support on WordPress.com, adds new custom hooks and upgrades the core framework.

File permissions issue fix

Various of our customers have reported issues when trying to install and implement the plugin on certain hosting servers do to errors being prompted because of file permissions; specially on wordpress.org, whom asked us to change the path of the plugin’s framework log and cache to wordpress “wp-content” folder. We applied this change in both, the extension and regular plugins.

Other changes

Other minor changes were the addition of hooks inside license keys management pages (for client customizations) and the upgrade of the framework’s dependency files.

Change log

  • File permissions issue fix (log/cache path change)
  • Additional hooks
  • Framework update.

Let us know if you ran into problems with this update, comment below or contact us anytime.