Software Solutions

Aside from the primary services we offer, there are other areas of software development in which we have strong experience on, like Business Analysis, Project Management, Game Development and consulting to name a few.

Unity Development

Amsgames is our game development brand, with which we have spent 2 years focused only on game development. We have gain expertise developing video games and augmented reality applications using Unity, in both 3D and 2D. We are capable of modeling, animating and designing graphical assets as well as composing original soundtracks.

Desktop Development

Multi-platform development is the future!

We believe that supporting a wider audience is always the best approach, that is why multi-platform development is our vision for the future. We offer desktop development using Electron (web based desktop applications) or Java.

Business Analysis and Project Management

You are amazing explaining me stuff!

That is how our clients feel about us when we talk about their ideas and we recommend and explain possible software solutions, in other words… “We speak your language”. We have years of experience in software development and client management, we have strong business analysis skills and project management experience (we develop our projects under the Agile methodology).


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