WooCommerce Variations Optimizer


Improves WooCommerce loading times and performance when handling multiple variations (30+) in a variable product.


Is your WooCommerce shop taking too long to load a variation for a variable product?

WooCommerce Variations Optimizer is the solution you were looking for. This plugin indexes and caches each product variation making it easier and quicker to be obtained. This improves drastically the load times generated by products with over 30 variations.




Variable products taking over 7 seconds, 14 seconds or more are reduced to less than 2 or even 1 second of response times.


More specifically, fixes and reduces the response times caused by "wc-ajax=get_variation" call, issue which has been requested a fixed since 2016.


Updates with bug fixes or new features are FREE-OF-CHARGE as long as you possess an active license.

Need Proof?

Check out this product with over 3000 variations at:


The cream and butter of this plugin is the indexing done over every product variation and our optimized product variable. You can read more about this in the official documentation.​



Version 4 or greater.


Version 3 or greater.


Version 5.6 or greater

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Limited in the number of activations. Up to 1 activation allowed.
Development Developers support. Development environments (running on localhost) do not increase limit capacity, allowing this license to be used on production and development.


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