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Rebuild Index

This option will wipe out current index, will flush cache and will regenerate the index based on the available variations found in the database.

This tool is very useful if you need to add existing variations to the index.

The following steps will explain how to rebuild the index:

Step 1: Access the rebuild index option

Head to the settings options and click the button labeled “Rebuild index”.

Rebuild index action button

Step 2: Prepare rebuild run

The “Rebuild index” option page will appear.

Rebuild options

Indicate the batch size and click the button “Start indexing” to begin rebuilding the index. The batch size will indicate the number of variations to process on each batch, we recommend to keep a low number between 10 and 30 to prevent server timeouts.

Step 3: Sit and wait

The process will start by counting and detecting the amount of variations it needs to index. The page will display a progress bar when this process has finished.

Rebuilding progress status

DO NOT close this page until the process has finished, otherwise not all variations will be indexed.

Step 4: Finish

When the process finishes the page will let you know. This will conclude the rebuilding process.

Rebuilding process finished
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