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WooCommerce Variations Optimizer

This is the official documentation for WooCommerce Variations Optimizer (plugin that optimizes and speeds up load times of variations in WooCommerce).

Please read the configuration section so you are knowledgeable about which options you need to run and what settings you need to be aware of in order to have your WooCommerce store running like a jet.

Optimization occurs thanks to 3 things:

  • Variations index: The index holds the list of variations, compressed and cached , per product. The way it created and functions within WordPress will let WooCommerce access them super “MEGA” quicker than the original query functionality that comes by default. The index is updated automatically¬†every¬†times a variations is created, deleted or saved (updated). To include existing variations you will want to rebuild the index manually.

The INDEX is key for this plugin to function correctly. If you have variations prior to installing this plugin, please make sure to rebuild the index using the tool provided.

  • Cache: Every variation match result done against the index is cached so WooCommerce can get it even much faster.
  • Optimized product type: This plugin adds a new product type to WooCommerce. “Product variable (optimized)” is essentially the same product as the default “Product variable” but with a couple of tweaks so it operates quicker across WordPress and WooCommerce.


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