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Management Pages

This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

WooCommerce License Keys extended plugin includes a management module that will allow you to view, analyze and edit generated license keys and their activations.

Access Management

There are 2 ways to manage your license keys.

From admin’s “License Keys” page

Access to the list of License Keys can be found at WordPress admin dashboard, under “WooCommerce”.

This page will display the list of License Keys generated, filter options and other related information.

From admin’s “Orders” page

The access to the management module can be found, at WordPress admin dashboard, on each order that has at least one purchased License Key product. Click the button labeled “Manage license keys” to access the module.

Manage license keys button
Manage license keys button

License Keys in the Order

The module will display a list with all the license key codes generated in the order.

manage license keys
Manage license keys page option, accessible from admin order page.

In this page, you can quickly review the products, the expiration, the limitation and the number of activations. Click a license key code to access the “Management Page”.

License Key Management Page

When a license key code is selected from the list, the module will display the edit form and the activations related to it.

manage license key
Manage License Key admin option page.

You can edit the license key properties and click the “Update” button to save the changes. You can click any of the “Deactivate” buttons to deactivate customer’s activations.

When the Analytics module is enabled, an additional “API Activity” box will appear and will display the interactions between the license key code and your API.

API Activity
API Activity

Activations with ID 404 are coming from a development environment.

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