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Handling Orders

Keycodes Generation

License keycodes are automatically generated by the WooCommerce License Key plugin. The generation process can handle multiple products and quantities in an order.

Codes are only generated when an order’s status is changed to completed.

admin order page
License Key extension purchase displayed on the admin order page. Extension notice above license key and added order note can be seen.

The license key code, its expiration, its limitation and the number of activations can be reviewed when looking at an order on the admin dashboard. If using the extended plugin, renewals and extensions will also be notified here.

Email Notification

Customers are notified when their generated license keycodes are appended to the “Order Completed” email sent by WooCommerce.


The plugin will set an expired date to a generated license key when the order’s status is changed to “Cancel”, this will automatically invalidate the license key codes in the order.

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