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Downloadable Files

This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

WooCommerce License Keys extended plugin allows you to include the information of the downloadable file on the API responses.

Configure The Product

When editing a product, check the “Downloadable” checkbox next to the product type drop-down.

Downloadable checkbox
Downloadable checkbox

Select the “General” side tab and choose a downloadable file from WordPress Media Gallery.

Choose file
Choose file

We recommend to add the release version as a name.

Select the “License Key” side tab and check the “Downloadable date” checkbox.

Downloadable checkbox
Downloadable checkbox

This will append the downloadable file information into your API responses.


Try not to upload the downloadable file from the product edit page because WooCommerce will add a layer of security that may prevent your products from accessing and downloading new updates.

Head to WordPress’ Media option at admin dashboard and upload your downloadable files prior to editing a product.

Wordpress Media
WordPress Media

Try not to remove an old downloadable to then insert a new one because WooCommerce will unlink access permissions on current orders. This means that if you do this, you will have to manually update every existing order to grant access permission to the new downloadable. To prevent this, update the existing downloadable file without removing it.

Update the existing downloadable file with the details of the newer version to allow your products to perform automatic updates, maintaining file access permissions on current orders.

Updating a downloadable
Updating a downloadable
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