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This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

The footprint is additional information related to the API request that can be appended at the end of every successful response.

This information can be used and validated inside your product to verify that the response returned by the API is safe.

Enable footprint

Check and enable the following option inside you License Key API settings:

Footpring setting

Footprint data

When the “Append footprint” is checked, every API response will return the following additional data:

    "error": false,
    "status": 200,
    "message": "License Key activated successfully.",
    "data": {
        "expire": null,
        "ctoken": "5f702ea73eb7a",
        "activation_id": 1601187515,
        "expire_date": null,
        "timezone": null,
        "the_key": "QY67quxR0b9ZOJkjOxtyPKZY9a-2",
        "url": "..../my-account/view-license-key/?key=QY67quxR0b9ZOJkjOxtyPKZY9a-2",
        "has_expired": false,
        "status": "active",
        "allow_offline": true,
        "offline_interval": "unlimited",
        "offline_value": "0",
        "footprint": {
            "date": "2020-09-27 06:18:35",
            "time": 1601187515,
            "duration": 662.7929210662842

The DateTime in which the request has been received by API.

The time (Epoch UNIX time) in which the request has been received by API.

The duration (in milliseconds) that took the API to process the request.

How to use the footprint data?

We recommend you to compare the footprint information with your own timestamps (created during and after any interaction with the API) so you can verify its validity.

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