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Import Custom License Keys

This option is only available for WooCommerce License Keys (extended) premium plugin.

This option will allow you to manage your custom license key codes in CSV files. You can insert, edit and delete custom codes using this import feature (located on the actions menu on the management page or on products with the “Do not auto-generate codes” option checked).

Management page actions menu.

How to import a CSV file?

The license keys modal manager will appear after clicking the “Import” action.

Modal manager: Import License Keys.

Download template

Click the button labeled “Download template”, located at the bottom right of the modal, to download an empty CSV template file that contains the required headers on the first row.

Upload file

Click the blue “Choose file” box to make the browser ask you to search for a file and begin the import process.

Once a file is selected, the import process will begin immediately.


A bar will appear showing the import progress.

Modal manager: Import progress.

The process will import the data in batches of 20 records per server call.

Sit down and wait until the process is finished. DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW or the process will be stopped.

Import results

The results of the import will be shown after the process is completed, displaying the counts of records inserted, updated, deleted or with errors; displaying in a grey box the import log with the results per record processed.

Modal manager: Import results.

From here you can opt to import a new file or close the modal.

CSV File

The CSV file is structured with the following columns (headers must be present):

  • code: Custom license key code. This header and column should always be included in the file.
  • product_id: Product ID usage restriction. License keys restricted, can only be used on set products.
  • to_delete: Integer flag that indicates if the license key should be deleted from the system.

Updates / Edits

The import process can only update/edit the product_id of a license key. If you need to modify the code, you will need to edit the record manually.


Set the value of the to_delete column to 1 to indicate to the process that the license key should be deleted.

Restrictions and errors

  1. The import process will only edit or delete license keys that were manually added or imported to the system. (Automatically generated license keys can not be edited or deleted).
  2. The import process will not edit or delete custom license keys that have been associated with an order (have been purchased).
  3. The import process will not create or edit license keys with an invalid product_id.
  4. The import process will not load a CSV that doesn’t include, at least, the code column header.
  5. The import can only process one file at a time.
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