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Ninja Forms

License Keys (Form Integration) (click to download) free plugin integrates “License Keys for WooCommerce” with “Ninja Forms“, allowing site owners to create robust support forms.

This integration plugin adds a License Key form field and a License Keys Details merge tag to Ninja Forms, improving support forms and the user experience.

Form Fields

License Key

When editing a form, the License Key form field will appear under “User information fields” section:

License Key form field in Ninja Forms builder.

Drag and drop the field from the section to the form to start using it. The field supports Label change as well as Placeholder, Hint and Description changes if developer mode is on.

The live form will display the License Key form input as a type or search component:

License Key form input in Ninja Forms live form.

This will allow logged-in users to type or search easily for purchased license keys. For guest (non-logged-in) users, the input will only allow the person to type something and will not search or look for any license keys.

NOTE: The license key search makes sure that only active license keys owned by the logged-in user are shown.

The value sent in the submission will be the customer’s license key code.

Merge Tags

License Keys Details


When editing a form, the License Key Details merge tag will appear under “License Key” merge tag section:

Merge tag selection in Ninja Forms builder.


  1. The merge tag will only display information if a License Key input is present in the form.
  2. The merge tag will only work on “Emailactions.

The merge tag will display the details (License Key Code, Product Name, and Orde ID) of the License Key in the form of a table:

Merge tag display in an email.

RECOMMENDATION: Only use this merge tag to send an email notification to support operatives or admins. Avoid sending this to customers for security purposes.

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