Post Gallery plugin comes built-in with Swipebox as its light-box solution; we have chosen this solution because it looks solid and supports all the features we believe a modern light-box should include, but we are […]

We have just released Post Gallery PRO version 1.2.0. This version adds a new feature that will our users adjust the size of their arrow navigation buttons, this settings can be updated per post or […]

We have just released Post Gallery PRO version 1.1.2. The new release fixes a bug found that was preventing activation on PHP 5.4 as well as a fix to align play button to the center […]

Recently I have been running into troubles syncing event date values for custom events in an Android project; I’ve been using the CalendarContract.Events to provide Android’s calendar and events with custom data. To be more […]

We have just released Post Gallery PRO version 1.1.1. Changes were made so the new version support Swipebox instead of Lightbox2, as the later will be removed from the regular version in a future update […]

When we first released the plugin, back in 2016, we made the decision to include¬†Lightbox2 as its built-in light-box solution to display the high resolution version of the media; and while it has done its […]

We are releasing Post Gallery PRO version 1.1.0 along side with Post Gallery version 2.1.1. The latest version of the plugin brings video support in for of a video importer capable of inserting videos from […]

We have released our wordpress License Keys Extension Plugin version 1.0.3 for WooCommerce License Keys. Summary: This update will improve stability when checking for the plugin’s license key (background process) and will update core framework […]