We have just released WooCommerce License Keys version 1.7.6, this and version 1.7.5 (which was released a week ago) will bring new security features for your License Keys API.

Access tokens

A new setting option that will allow to enable API endpoint authorization via access tokens.

Enabling this option will allow an extra layer of security by forcing clients to request a token that will enable authorization to make a request to the other API endpoints (Activate, Validate and Deactivate).

Token authorization flow

Read the documentation article for more information.


A new setting option that appends a footprint at the end of every successful API response (read the documentation article).

The footprint includes the request timestamp and the duration mark that can be used inside your product to validate the interaction with the API.


Within other changes:

  • Framework files updated.
  • Ability to search license keys via activation IDs.

If you have feedback in regards to this release, please contact us or leave your comment below.