We would like to make a late, deeply and sincere apology to all our customers with active product license keys, from September 2018 and September 2019, that had their websites affected due to an attack and shutdown of our web site at the beginning of September 2019.

We are sorry
We are sorry! Source: Blogspot

What happened?

Our site suffered a buffer-overflow attack and the CPU limits of the server were reached, making our site to be taken down for several hours.

Our fault was that we did not test the license keys validation of our paid plugins enough, the DRM check that we had implemented back then made the sites of our customers to crash due to the unavailability of our website, and for this, we are extremely ashamed.

What was fixed since then?

Just days after the attack we removed the DRM implementation via a rushed update to all our paid plugins, but this made the auto-update process to break. Since September we have been updating and refactoring the code to make sure the new DRM work inline with WordPress core update checks (this to check for new updates) and made the proper modifications to make sure customer sites do not crash if our website goes down.

Server wise, we have detected and added the IP that was causing the attack to the server’s blocked list.

We have been monitoring our server and API the past 3 months so we can reassure our customers that everything is controlled, in hopes of regaining their trust again.

For the customers who have not updated their paid plugins since September, we recommend to log in to our website and manually download and update the plugin to the latest version. Most likely you have an old version installed in your systems.


We feel deeply sorry for what happened, and in compensation, we have manually updated every single license key or extension purchased, from September 5th of 2018 to September 5th of 2019, and have extended them for 6 extra months.

In addition, we are releasing the coupon code “APOLOGY2019″(redeemable at our cart or checkout pages) with 20% discount on all our products, which will expire at the end of the current year (2019).

We hope you can regain trust in us and our products, if you would like to say anything related to this, please leave any comments right below.