We have updated all our paid / premium WordPress plugins to improve Software Updates and License Keys verifications.

The following plugins have been updated:

Is your plugin not receiving an update notification?

Try the following actions If the update notification is not being prompt in your WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. At the “Plugins” section of your WordPress setup, locate the premium plugin and click the option named “Manage License Key”. After the license key management page appears, click the “Validate” button a couple of times to force license key validation check and download.
  2. Download the latest update from our Website. Log in with your purchase email, head to your account’s panel thrown the site’s menu and locate the downloads section. Download the new update file, head to your WordPress site, “Deactivate and delete” the previous version and “Install and activate” the newest one.

Changelog Details

These plugins received updated based on changes we have been doing over our public repositories on Github.

The new Updater changes will integrate license and updates checks with the core WordPress updating process and will replace the one we developed.

This will also improve license key validation and verification checks. It will also prevent your WordPress site from crashing if our website is down for maintenance or any other reason.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reply to this article.