Any WordPress site, in the form of a website, online shop or app, needs to cover certain functionality and requirements to make sure its optimal performance and fulfillment of your business needs.

I have selected 7 free plugins (downloadable from that I consider essential on any WordPress setup.

Each of the following plugins will tackle a certain need; for many of them, you can find another plugin alternative, although I will explain why my selected is the best in my opinion.

Need Description

Design your site's content with a drag-and-drop builder!

A WordPress theme will define the design structure of your website, but will not the content of each, page, post or other similar. Elementor is a state-of-the-art visual page builder that will allow you to design the content or a whole page by dragging and dropping fully customizable widgets; it is easy, flexible and powerful.

It also allows you to import existing full-page designs or designed sections.

Need Description

Connect your site with Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is a free service, provided by Google, that allows you to track and analyze your site's performance in terms of visits. By connection your site to the service you will be able to see statistics and reports of many types, such as from where are your visitors coming from, the demography of your audience and more.

This is a small and simple plugin the will allow you to connect your site with the service.

Need Description

Make your site available in search engines!

A, simple and effective, plugin specialized in improving your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will allow you to improve your content in search engines, like Google Search, allow you to configure how your content is shared in social networks and allow you to configure sitemaps for robots indexing.

Need Description

Sell anything, anywhere!

The most popular and customizable e-commerce platform in the world. If you plan to sell anything (from products, services, subscriptions, bookings, memberships, etc) then you will want WooCommerce.

Need Description

Contact forms

Create a communication channel between your visitors and you!

"Drag and drop" form builder that will allow you to create contact, request a quote and other types of forms in order to open channels of communication between your visitors and customers with you.

Need Description

Improve your site's speed and performance!

This plugin offers the best settings to allow you to segment what is cached in your site and what will you want to improve. It might require a bit more knowledge in regards to the options available to you, but the end result is totally worth it.

Need Description

Automate your site's database cleanup and performance!

This simple plugin will allow you to set up periodic database cleanup and optimization tasks to keep your database functional for the long term.

Final thoughts

I believe these plugins will cover the long term functionality needed to keep your site up and running in an optimal manner.

I will be updating this post if I feel the need to add a new essential plugin in the future.

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Do you agree with my opinion? Do you have a suggestion for the list?
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